My Transformer Fan Art!

House of a Thousand Seekerlets!

a minor TF comic of pukey-cute proportions!

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"Mirage's Youth"

Done for an art contest - I won a reissue Prowl!


My personal fancharacter, Moonscream.  No, I'm not the same Moonscream that's on DA.  And, yes, I do like purple!


My 2004 Christmas Card.  Sorry the colors are kind of monitor was going bad and this is as close as I could get to what I wanted.

Black & White


"Somebody Cares"

Depending on your point of view, this sketch might appear a little slashy.  Didn't scan well, and details weren't finished (like an arm laser), but its another pic waiting for me to get a new monitor in order to color it.

 Mini Mirage Gallery.  These are some of the preliminary sketches I did for the above color picture.

Lil Screamy learns some new words! (for non-fans, 'Slag!' is like the f-word...only Screamy cannot pronounce L's)

Fireflight, taking some time out to enjoy the local fauna.

Jazz - chibi!  Chibi Jazz!  Ain't he cute, hanging upside down from Moonscream's arm?

Slingshot just had to go and ruin the portrait!

A picture one day I'll digitally color and give to their voice actor.

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