Furry Art by me, Christine "Zhora" Klunder!

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"Zhora and the Winged Tuberats"

Zhora and some smaller cousins...with wings.  The horror.  Ink and digital color. 

"Lady O' the Wuffies"

Zhora, my personal furry, and her favorite male species!  Digital color.

"Dohmnul Is About to Die"

A picture originally done for the Ironclaw RPG, but never used.  Pencilled by me, inked by Scott Ruggels, digital color by me. 

Cute lil pic I did of Ironclaw's Mavra.  Inked, then digitally colored. 

Mavra Sanguine Productions

Atchon and Whin, from a book I was writing when I was a teen, about extraterrestrial pegasi who've crash landed on Earth and been reincarnated.  The original is too big to fully scan.  Ink and marker.

"Wings of Love"


Drawn for the son I gave up for adoption.

Ink, marker, and colored pencil.

Limited Edition of 25

17" x 24" giclee prints


Baby Kitty Angel!

Ink and colored pencil.

The Fornax Sisters


Ink & marker.  Older piece. ☺☻

Fornax Sisters Matt J. McCuellar

A neat reverse of a hippocampus pic I did for one of my portfolios.

Pages 1 and 2 of my aborted webcomic, The Human Factor.

Whether or not it gets restarted, etc, is up to the Creator.

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